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INSIEME 2025: the SACE Business Plan for the economic development of companies
SACE, the Italian insurance-financial group directly controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and specialized in supporting the competitiveness of businesses and the national economic sector in Italy and abroad, has approved the INSIEME 2025 Business Plan, which will guide the choices strategies and the business model in the three-year period 2023-2025 to support the evolution of companies and the country system.

Guaranteeing greater resilience to the national economic sector, relaunching competitiveness on foreign markets and consolidating growth on the domestic market: with these objectives, the SACE Group aims to support investments and guarantee liquidity for 111 billion euros over three years, with an expected annual increase by 5%, serving 65,000 SMEs.

Towards sustainable growth

“New and unprecedentedly complex times require new ways of supporting the national entrepreneurial fabric.” - declared Filippo Giansante, President of SACE. “With this objective in mind, we have written INSIEME 2025, the Industrial Plan of the SACE Group for the next three years, which will guide our commitment, alongside companies, towards sustainable growth that creates lasting value for Italy”.
Alessandra Ricci, Chief Executive Officer of SACE, added: “The 2023-2025 Business Plan sets us challenging, ambitious and highly responsible objectives, which we feel are ours because they are the result of the participation and involvement of SACE Group colleagues in defining INSIEME 2025 because all of us at SACE are convinced that encouraging and supporting the growth of companies towards sustainable horizons contributes to the well-being of society".


Sustainability, technological innovation and support for SMEs

INSIEME 2025 draws a new business model and business support to allow the transition to an evolution, of value as well as volumes, for the country. This new business model will leverage four directions: starting from sustainability as a strategy, it will focus on investments in technological innovation to listen to the needs of businesses and support SMEs more effectively.

SACE's Business Plan identifies sustainability as the founding principle of its action, for broader and more incisive support to businesses, with particular attention to SMEs, thanks to the development of technologies and specific skills.

Technological innovation will also be the decisive key to a different, more sustainable and efficient method of growth. For this reason, the SACE Group will focus on developing solutions to improve awareness and use of products and services, and make internal processes more efficient, also based on technologies that will include blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The involvement of SMEs is a cornerstone of SACE's mission  which aims to double the number of SMEs served to 65 thousand in three years, involving them in a new digital ecosystem. It will be an open platform, built on their user experience and participated by all the actors of the country system.

Support to the country system: exports and competitiveness

Support for exports and internationalization will be strengthened: the targets of the Business Plan in fact aim at growth in the three-year period 2023-2025 of over 30% of the volumes of insured contracts and guaranteed investments in this area, equal to around 49 billion euro.

The INSIEME 2025 Plan provides for greater support for Italian companies both in diversifying their reference markets and in securing the supply chain.

Support for competitiveness and sustainable growth in the domestic market will also be consolidated. In fact, the Business Plan aims at over 60 billion euros guaranteed in this area, supporting investments in sectors with a high impact on the Italian economy and projects connected to the green transition of companies and the country. In this logic, particular attention is paid to investments in highly traction sectors for the development of the economy and to innovative sectors that will allow companies and Italy to make a qualitative leap in terms of technology and in the modernization of production systems.

In the photo, Alessandra Ricci, Chief Executive Officer of SACE.