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Infinity ACT and ACT Jolie Faber

Efficiency, functionality and noise reduction

Faber presented at Eurocucina 2014 two models of cooker hood, the result of innovation and research more advanced: Infinity Jolie ACT and ACT. Featuring Sil-K ACT, the only technology that can actively reduce the perceived noise, represent the latest evolution in terms of performance to achieve maximum noiseless. The design gives the two hoods unallure contemporary and unique at the same time. Linnovativa technology Sil-K ACT able to reduce the pollution through the transformation of the acoustic sound. Faber, who in 1955 invented the hood, in fact, failed to apply for the first time in an appliance the sophisticated Active Noise, able to actively reduce the noise. After you record directly from the source, Sil-K ACT creates a waveform that is contrary delete the original, and therefore set aside every acoustic perception, a reduction in emissions of 13 decibels less than a model of the same magnitude. Sil-K ACT, developed in collaboration with the Israeli Silentium The company, been further strengthened to adapt to the most varied models, from the hoods vertical installation just like Infinity and Jolie. Made of tempered glass shades in white, black or gray, Infinity and Jolie, also available in the market without the valuable device silent, are the perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology at the service of maximum functionality in the kitchen. Powerful, quiet, functional hood Jolie a versatile thanks to its clean and simple design. Enclosed in the slot in the middle of the panel electronic controls provide ease of use and maximum cleanliness. The innovative low-power LED, located below the vertical structure of the shell, to fully illuminate the cooking area radiating a warm glow over the entire floor. Performance thanks to the double perimeter aspiration, Infinity, with double glass panel rounded profiles, gives the stove a more pure linearity and lightness, made even more evident by the touch controls EVO Touch control and the low consumption LED bar positioned low.

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