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Industrial Revolution 4.0 of Biesse Group

Technological solutions for small-medium-sized companies

Since 1969 Biesse has designed, manufactured and marketed a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors and wood building components manufacturers.

Biesse confirms its presence at the 25th edition of Xylexpo trade fair. With a bigger stand than in 2014, and with more than 20 machines on display, Biesse aims to demonstrate how anyone can seize the rich opportunities offered by the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0: having anticipated the future needs of the market and its customers, Biesse can now translate into practice this concept.

Integrated systems up close, with machines for working panels and solid wood and new software modules which can simplify the management of even the most complex and advanced large-scale technological solutions, as well as the operations of small-medium-sized companies.

“This revolution, which we want to render accessible to everyone, aims to bring together the high output numbers seen in the assembly chain with the tailor-made value of artisan production. In a world where those who offer quality and a personalised touch at increasingly low prices come out on top, factories are turning digital: the machines communicate amongst themselves via automation systems and interaction software, and can “imagine“ the product, simulate construction and carry out tests before it has even been made“ - commented Raphaël Prati, Marketing and Communications Director for Biesse Group, addressing to the many foreign and Italian journalists present for the occasion.

The Biesse service platform SOPHIA at Xylexpo 2018

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Biesse at Ligna 2017: think forward

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Cefla Finishing in Xylexpo 2016

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