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HI-MACS: innovation in the kitchen

Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are the essential characteristics for any kitchen. HI-MACS, for this reason, the best ally, facilitating the daily life due to its hygiene and durability. A material with ideal properties designed for application in the kitchen HI-MACS excels in every project because of its elegance, functionality, technology and creative flexibility that allows you to create projects without limits. The New Generation of Acrylic Stone lends itself to be shaped pressoch in any form, making possible an infinite range of designs and exclusive finishes. The large range of colors, translucency, the thermoforming properties, resistance, ease of processing and cutting, the uniformity: are all features that allow the use of HI-MACS just like wood. Thanks to the versatility and thermoforming properties of HI-MACS meets the requirements related to functionality and design of the kitchens. The smooth, non-porous surface makes cleaning easier and also ensures a high resistance to heat and daily use products for ligiene. In this way, the kitchen, totally tank, particularly suitable for contact with food, resistant to moisture, stains, scratches and liquid penetration. Another advantage of the HI-MACS almost unlimited range of colors, boasting fine texture, bright and very elegant.

The Leaf kitchen by LG Hausys

Made entirely of HI-MACS® >
Category: Technological materials for furniture
Publication date: 10/09/2014

Hi-Macs, acrylic stone of the new generation

presents a preview of the Sparkle Collection designed by Karim Rashid>
Category: Technological material
Publication date: 25/09/2013

HI-MACS® of LG Hausys

A versatile material with high performances>
Category: Technological materials for furniture
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