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Lampolet Srl

Lampolet Srl

LAMPOLET was established in 1963. It very quickly established itself as one of the best European manufacturers because of the quality and originality of its products. As a result of this rapid success the Company have continually striven to improve their production facilities by enlarging their factories and installing top of the range equipment capable of producing a quality product as well as complying with all aspects of safety.

In 1980 further expansion meant the establishing of a Group of 3 Companies “Lampolet, Rima Lampolet and Springs” specializing in the production of High Quality mechanisms and mattresses for sofa beds. The creation of new actions patented all over Europe and United States has made the Lampolet Group a marked force throughout the whole upholstery industry.

Lampolet Srl

Via Francesco Bacone 4, Seregno, 20831, Monza e della Brianza, Italia

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