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Hardware for furniture, upholstery, kitchen, coatings and furnishing systems.

News on products, companies, technologies and fairs for the production and marketing of furniture hardware, furniture accessories and semi-finished products for furniture.
Inoxa Industrie srl

Inoxa Industrie srl

Inoxa produces accessories for kitchen furniture: baskets, pull-out columns, corner baskets, etc. With thirty years of experience in the processing of metal wire accessories, Inoxa integrates the living area of ​​the kitchen with solutions that interpret and combine the need to make the most of spaces with practicality and functionality, but also with the pleasantness and pleasure of a modern and refined design.
The coordinated lines of Inoxa accessories in steel wire, chromed iron and plastic are made with design and construction rigor, thus transforming commonly used objects into innovative, simple and particularly functional solutions, made with the most advanced techniques and finished with craftsmanship. 
Inoxa currently boasts its presence in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt, Ukraine, Russian Federation and throughout Eastern Europe in general.

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Inoxa Industrie srl

Via dell'Industria, 28, Polverigi, 60020, Ancona, Italia