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Gommagomma s.p.a.

Gommagomma s.p.a.

Gommagomma, a market leader company attentive to product innovation and to the needs of its customers, continues increasingly developing its product lines to ensure a wider and more complete offer.
Natural and synthetic latex foam, slow memory polyurethanes, both traditional and based on natural polyols, high density gel foam, printed or from discontinuous blocks, are just some of the products that gommagomma offers on the market today. Each product is the result of constant research and development in order to achieve and guarantee those parameters of quality and reliability that have always distinguished the production of Gommagomma over the years. An activity that translates into sophisticated production plants, meticulous attention to production processes and the careful selection of raw materials.
Today Gommagomma is perhaps one of the few companies in the world that produces and offers directly to its customers a choice of very different products: LATEXCEL ® the latex foam par excellence EXTRAPUR® the foam with extra-ordinary memory WATERGEL® the gel foam that breathes . WATERGEL® is precisely the latest addition to the Gommagomma house, which is receiving ever-increasing interest from the market. In fact, this product contains many characteristics that are difficult to equal. WATERGEL® is a revolutionary high-density polyurethane gel foam which, based on the specific needs of use, can be extremely elastic but also gradually welcoming with a “slow memory” effect. It is also non-deformable, fresh and extremely breathable.
This last feature is absolutely inimitable by most of the flexible foams currently used for the production of mattresses.
Certainly the breathability of the products is one of the most felt needs by the market and WATERGEL® fully satisfies this request. WATERGEL® can be supplied both in block and in sheet, smooth or worked and also combined with other materials such as latex, memory foam or flexible polyurethanes. Current and future investments are aimed at both the qualitative consolidation of latex products and the development of new generation polyurethane foams as well as the expansion of production, warehouse and office spaces thanks to the construction of the new headquarters of the Company completed in these first months. of the year and which occupies an area of ​​ square meters.

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Gommagomma s.p.a.

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