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Cinelli Piume e Piumini Srl

Cinelli Piume e Piumini Srl

Cinelli Feathers and Down one of the few companies able to follow directly in them The whole production cycle. This in fact one of the main strengths of the companys that optimizes all stages of the manufacturing process, giving great importance to the enhancement of staff dellesperienza both the fine-grained control and scrupulous of each piece. The success of the Cinelli Down Feathers and given the versatility of the production. Leveraging, in fact, the whole feather and down duvet derived from the initial screening process, the company can range from processing of pillows, cushions, seats and backs for allindustria the living room, to the quilts on the bed and heads for the biggest dabbigliamento signatures of the fashion world. Beating heart of the laboratory in which played with suitably miniaturized machines, the entire production process. All the raw material is analyzed before being fed into the processing cycle, verifying compliance with the laws in force and the level of quality. In addition, the parameters provided by the various tests are calibrated production machinery through which pass all feather and down duvet before being used in the upholstery of the artifacts. Tests and laboratory tests also allow you to optimize the compositions of the mixtures and reach so high levels of quality that will satisfy every request and requirement. Thanks to the miniaturization of the whole cycle of production can, in fact, develop in the best way all the steps, so being able to create customized products for each customer.

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Cinelli Piume e Piumini Srl

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