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Candy Elettrodomestici

Candy Elettrodomestici

In 1945 in the Eden Fumagalli Mechanical Workshops in Monza, manufacturers of tools for high precision machine tools, the first all-Italian Model 50 washing machine was born. Born from the extraordinary talent of Eden Fumagalli, the new protagonist of washing was officially presented to the public at Milan Fair in 1946. The Candy brand makes history. The founder's sons, Enzo, Niso and Peppino Fumagalli, started the production of washing machines, making household appliances the center and strength of their business.

Unstoppable, in 1954, Candy gave a decisive change to washing habits: the Bi-Matic was born, the first semi-automatic washing machine with spinning. Niso Fumagalli, creator of most of the patents, was awarded an honorary degree in Engineering at the University of Genoa.

In the 1970s a new important phase began for Candy: that of the acquisition of other Italian companies, starting with La Sovrana di Parma, a historic brand in the sector of cooking appliances and Kelvinator Italia, an internationally renowned company specialized in refrigerators and freezers. The 1980s marked another important milestone: that of Candy's international expansion and the further acquisition of prestigious Italian companies.

Today Candy, thanks to a long and complete experience in the household appliances sector, plays a leading role in the international field, at the forefront in the development of new technologies, always attentive to the needs of the modern consumer and sensitive to the needs of a new model of family, in which relationships, the freedom to live them, the time to cultivate them are priority.

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Candy Elettrodomestici

via privata Eden Fumagalli, Brugherio, 20861, Monza e della Brianza, Italia