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Akzo Nobel Coatings Spa

Akzo Nobel Coatings Spa

Dutch multinational based in Amsterdam, AkzoNobel is a world leader in the field of paints and chemicals. The global dimension of the Group in the 5 continents, is guaranteed by the direct presence in 80 countries where they operate a total of about 50 000 employees. Listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, AkzoNobel is among the top 500 Global Fortune. In over 200 years of history, AkzoNobel has built a solid industrial group, through a series of acquisitions that culminated in 2008 with the integration of English ICI Paints, which led to an expansion of the range of products and an increase in market share of reference, bringing the group to a position of global leadership. AkzoNobel is present in Italy since 1958, through the Sikkens brand, and operates in the market of products and coating systems for the construction industry through the division Decorative Paints. An industrial historically oriented professional, born and raised to meet the needs of the applicator professional. With an average annual production of about 15 million liters, split between the Italian and other European countries where the Group operates, AkzoNobel Deco is among the largest producers of the paint industry in Italy and offers a wide range of products for domestic, exterior decoration and protection for both the professional market that for the “do it yourself“, including lines of paints, varnishes, glazes and pre-treatment of the surfaces. The products are AkzoNobel guarantee of efficiency and quality. Protect the buildings and infrastructure around the world, decorate the houses and offices, and provide industry with the essential materials for the construction of major projects. With AkzoNobel color is everywhere, in the surrounding environment and in line with the most stringent international standards regarding emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Akzo Nobel Coatings Spa

Via Spangaro 1, Scorzè, 30037, Venezia, Italia

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