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TipUp system also lifts sofas and chaise longue

The application of mechanism for the lifting of the container beds develops

TipUp is the innovative system for the lifting of the beds container, planned by the architect Giulio Manzoni, produced and distributed by PB.mek srl.
The company proposed to Sicam 2015 the TipUp mechanism also applied to the sofa and the chaise longue, confirming how from a simple idea it can be gotten an extremely functional and aesthetically pleasant result.
The TipUp system represents the state of the excellence in comparison to the traditional trapeze systems, satisfying the numerous demands of the market, bringing extreme facility and practicality in the daily way of living, where the rationalization of the spaces is a need more and more felt.  
For the opening and the closing of the bed plan or of the sofa, just a finger is enough. The high technology of the system and the accuracy of the mounted are guarantee of reliability and durability.
Accidental falls of the bed plan are prevented by special gas springs which act as shock absorbers for a checked and constant speed and for the safety of the users.
The TipUp mechanism is proper for the employment with any type of net in wood or metal and, thanks to four possible positions of assemblage, it allows to reduce the number of forces of the gas springs  necessary to cover the employment of the different types of mattress.
The assemblage is simple, it allows to reduce the times to a third and it doesn't require utensils to connect the net to the structure of the container. Weights and encumbrances have been reduced to the least one for a notable saving on the costs of transport.

TipUp by PBMEK

Innovative lift system for bed base
Category: Bed Bases and Sofas
Publication date: 08/01/2015

TMove of PBMek

Innovative self-closing mechanism
Category: Gas springs
Publication date:
Company: Pb.mek S.r.l.