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The new crankset for double leaf falling HAWA-Concepta 25 Folding

Fold and Slide: a new way of designing spaces

The mechanism for retractable doors HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50 stems from the need to conceal the front of kitchens and furniture particularly large, coming so meet the latest requirements of design of living and working environments. The new crankset for double leaves falling HAWA-Concepta Folding 25 it is an innovative development. The unpublished HAWA-Concepta Folding 25 combines in fact two types of movement, or folding and sliding, allowing not only to fully open wide fronts, ceiling or flush with the surface, but also to put them in a niche at the side of the wire body. For this HAWA-Concepta Folding 25 is ideal for exploiting multi-functional space in various types of environments: homes open space, offices to be furnished with prestigious furniture, public buildings and hotel accommodation. With this solution, in fact, just a gesture to hide the utility room with washer and dryer in the bathroom or the multimedia wall in the office or even the closet in the hotel room. The innovative HAWA-Concepta Folding 25 allows the construction of both structures ceiling without bottom of the cabinet, both front at half height, that is, from the working surface to the ceiling. When the doors are closed in the compartment, making them invisible, the gap between the pair of doors is hidden by a mask made of aluminum, which disappear behind the hinges, ensuring a harmonious appearance. The hardware HAWA-Concepta 25 moves Folding door heights between 1250 and 2600 mm and maximum weight for each leaf, 25 kg. In terms of comfort and use the new mechanism is unbeatable. HAWA-Concepta Folding 25th century, it is the technique scissor Hawa, already adopted by hardware HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50, which ensures silent running and ease of operation.