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The Follow collection of height-adjustable tables by Mara

Mara, a historic Italian company specializing in the production of systems and furniture elements especially for the office and the community, has always focused on research to study and implement innovative technologies that can improve the well-being and productivity within the workspace.
Follow is the world's first collection of sit-stand tables equipped with a mechanical height adjustment system, from 680 to 1180 mm, in line with the European standard EN 527-1:2011.
The heart of the project is a mechanical system that can be operated by means of a handle located under the top. These tables, in addition to allowing you to adjust the height of the top to the millimeter, according to the ergonomics of the user, offer the opportunity to work standing encouraging movement and improving well-being in the workplace.
Mara has patented an original system to counterbalance the worktop without the use of electric motors or gas pumps and without any effort on the part of the user.
The Follow collection of tables, versatile, functional and 100% recyclable, is composed of different models that respond to the many needs of the office environment and allow you to create pleasant and stimulating environments where you are free to organize their spaces.


The Follow collection of tables awarded by the European Union

The Follow collection of tables has recently been recognized by the European Community as a unique and innovative product. After a strict selection, the project received a contribution from the research and innovation programme of the European Union Horizon 2020 to ensure its industrialization, as it would allow the increase of employment and income in Europe.
Considered as a valuable means of stimulating economic growth and creating new jobs, the Horizon 2020 programme enjoys the political support of European leaders and Members of the European Parliament.
“We are very satisfied and proud that our latest Follow collection has been appreciated and recognized also by the European Community - commented Laura Marchina, CEO of Mara - This recognition confirms that the direction taken years ago by my father Luciano to innovate and research to ensure competitiveness in the market is the winning choice“.

Linear technology by Linak to develop height adjustable tables

New solutions for different needs in the office and in the workplace
Category: Linear actuators
Publication date: 10/10/2018
Company: Linak Italia srl