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Terra by Alcantara®

A new luxury collection with a surprising three-dimensional effect

Alcantara represents a prime example of Italian-produced quality. As registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. and result of a unique and proprietary technology, Alcantara® is a highly innovative material, offering an unrivalled combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities.
In the exclusive location of the Rive Gauche in Paris, Alcantara officially presents its second luxury collection dedicated to interiors and home decoration.
While Acqua recalled the deepest symbolic meanings of the primary element, Terra draws inspiration by the evolution of the supercontinents to bring out eight sophisticated articles that bet on a surprising three-dimensional effect, obtained through the use of different processing technologies. Pleating, weaving, laser-cutting, lamination and netting draw a paleogeographic map that, from the formation of the solid lands to the incandescent rocks, tells the evolution of the earth’s crust.
With a colour palette that runs from greens to neutral tones till the warm hues of earth, with surprising touches of kiwi, beet red and a new white, Terra dresses the world of interior with a sober yet sophisticated luxury. For coverings and decoration details in the sign of the soft touch of Alcantara®.