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SmartBox Samet

A system for drawers innovative, simple and functionalThe drawer system SmartBox, presented the latest innovation from the brand Samet, the result of studies of the research and development department, guarantees comfort, simplicity and functionality in duso ununica solution. Tested with a minimum of 60,000 open-close and certified by LGA, SmartBox careened into the drawer, and amortized total extraction of Samet. Smartbox is characterized by the stable structure and at the same time easily removable, extremely functional, equipped with soft-closing system integrated, which ensures smooth movement and silent for a practical use and comfortable. SmartBox ensures low noise and safety, a more practical assembly, closing a softer, greater load capacity and more accessories. With the most extensive support distances, the drawers work more smoothly and quietly. With the stabilizer wheels drawers work in a more stable and synchronized. Due to the increased strength of the rail profile and a new synchronization system, horizontal rocking motion is brought under control. The driving force majeure, then the ability to guide load more elevated. Thanks to the sliding renewed, the drawers can now support two alternative load: 40 or 65 kg. It is available with a wide range of lengths and capacities.

Samet introduces D-Lite

A movement with limited encumbrance and elevated performances
Category: Flap door mechanisms
Publication date: 18/11/2015

Smart Flow and AlphaBox of Samet

Innovation in the drawers
Category: Components for drawers
Publication date: 01/09/2015
Company: SAMET SRL


More corrosion resistant and more refined in design
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date: 27/01/2015
Company: SAMET SRL

Duolift and Monolift Samet

A new generation of interlocking vertical
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date: 08/07/2014
Company: SAMET SRL

Samet hinge brake Impro

An elegant solution and intelligent
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date: 26/02/2014


The product, designed by Defne Koz & Marco Susani, an absolute novelty in the field, a valuable tool for personalization.
Category: Furniture Hinges
Publication date:
Company: SAMET SRL