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Smart Steam ovens by Candy: combination of traditional and steam cooking

Candy's new Smart Steam ovens are the result of the perfect combination of traditional and steamed cooking methods enclosed in a single oven. With a simple gesture, you can add steam to the traditional preparation of dishes, thus maintaining the organoleptic properties of the food and its taste unchanged. Simply pour water into the special cavity of the oven, activate one of the 3 “steam“ functions and press a button to transform the liquid into steam.
It is well known that steam cooking is very healthy and is ideal for cooking vegetables, fish and meat because it enhances their natural qualities. The addition of steam gently cooks the dishes and in the right time leaving them soft inside, intact in shape and taste and ready to be eaten immediately or with a minimum seasoning.
The combination with traditional cooking also helps to keep them crunchy on the outside. The function enhances the preparation of foods that require leavening such as bread, focaccia, brioches and cakes or bain-marie baking such as crème caramel or Catalan cream.
All ovens in the “Smart Steam“ range can count on the functions of the Candy Simply-Fi app that suggests recipes studied by professional chefs.


An easy oven to clean

Candy Smart Steam combi ovens are also extremely easy to clean, thanks to the “Aquactiva“ hydrolytic cleaning system, already effective at 90°. With hydrolysis, residues soften, making cleaning easier. Simply pour 300 ml of distilled water into the cavity of the oven and heat it up for 30 minutes; at the end of the programme, simply rub it with a sponge or cloth to remove dirt residues.
Some models also offer a double cleaning system, pyrolytic and hydrolytic, so you can choose the right programme according to your needs and level of dirt. The pyrolytic system is ideal for deep cleaning the oven without any effort. In this case the temperature reaches 450° and, at the end of the program, it is sufficient to remove the ash generated by the combustion of food residues with a damp cloth. Everything happens in extreme safety, as the oven door is well sealed and remains at room temperature.