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Slido, mechanisms for sliding doors by Hfele

Slido, an innovative modular system for maximum comfortThe ultimate in functionality and comfort: this has caught up with the goal that Hfele Slido Classic 70 VF. This new modular sliding convinces thanks to its versatility, its smoothness and its design. Slido Classic 70 VF A for sliding doors up to 70 kg a completely innovative sliding mechanism. In fact, this system can be powered with e-drive, equipped with a timing device or LED lighting and equipped with a shock absorber Smuso AD. These accessories can be added without modifying or adapting the sliding system already in place. If used together, the mechanism responds to the needs and comfort of the maximum required by the market. With the movement of the doors and motorized-drives, the opening and closing of doors are very large and heavy becomes a breeze. The doors open and close silently, with just a touch or by using a remote control. Those who renounce allazionamento motorized closure is, however, extremely high comfort by installing lammortizzatore Smuso of Hfele, which ensures a smooth and quiet movement. Lammortizzatore slows the stroke dellanta gently bringing it to the closed position, all in a single movement. The interior of the cabinet can be illuminated with Loox, the system of LED lighting Hfele. In conjunction with e-drive, Loox requires no drivers or additional ignition devices. Each Loox 12V LED light can be connected directly allunit and control-drive, which also handles switching on the light. Slido Classic 70 VF A allattuale created to meet market demand for furniture that combine high quality design and manufacturing competitiveness. With this new crankset Hfele makes it possible to design more minimalist, since its installation adapts to the most modern production processes. The slide rail mounted above fact larmadio and equipped with a simple system of height adjustment. This means that when you open lanta sees only a thin aluminum board.

Häfele presents Loox

the third generation of modular LED lights
Category: Furniture lighting, For furniture lighting
Publication date: 15/09/2015
Company: Häfele Italia


An innovative lighting furniture
Category: Furniture lighting, For furniture lighting
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Company: Häfele Italia