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Securital widens his rich program of locks Kyr with the insertion of the new joint handle, in metal (recorded model). One of the key elements of the new proposal introduced to the Sicam by the firm of Desio is the personalization: the joint handle is provided in fact in different galvanic finishes and colors painted for satisfying needs of more and more demanding customers.
To further enrich the personalisation, the handle has been studied in order to be able to insert an embossed label in resin, with the logo of the producer or the logo of his final customer faithfully respecting the required colors.
The label in resin can also be opaque colored or transparent and without logo.
The joint handle can also be supplied with a fine veneer of wood, with the same essence used for a particular line of furniture, allowing therefore a perfect tuning with solutions of furnishings aimed at private residences or at the contract.
The handle can be also without any label, so that the furniture maker can insert whatever he wants, in the space provided, for instance a leather dowel.
The new joint handle, once folded up, it sticks out only 12mm from the façade of the cylinder of the lock, resulting practice and soft to the touch.
Characterized by a linear and essential design, in this way the key becomes an element with strong personalisation.


Securital presents the sale of cylinders and locks.

Fully customizable folding metal cap
Category: Locking systems, locks, ratchets for furniture
Publication date: 09/12/2014
Company: Securital

Invisible locks PS proposed by Securital

A complete, flexible and reliable program
Category: Locking systems, locks, ratchets for furniture
Publication date:
Company: Securital