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Okite revealed the news in 2013, as his line uniko ®, for example, the kitchen sink including the floor and the revival of the kitchen Absolute White.

The line uniko ®: sink with its soft, without interruption, merge into a single composition with a characteristic Italian design. With technical features fine, smooth surface and anti-bacterial, easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures and shock. The sink uniko ®, added to the plans Quartz OKITE, gives the kitchen a new shade of efficiency and grace. Available in white color, it blends perfectly with the other colors in the range Okite. To highlight the possibility of choosing four types of format of the sink; may also be coupled to the top of other materials.

Absolute White is renewed and offers a white ever seen an intense brightness of the Arctic. But not this cold. And minimal aesthetic, Absolute White makes the surrounding environment of explosive energy and allows us to play with the inclusion of multi-colored accessories. In addition to the peculiarities of the plan Quartz OKITE joins refined textures.