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Mechanism of Elba Auditions

From sofa to comfortable single bed

Provini produces metal components for furniture and is among the leading companies in the sector thanks to dynamism, flexibility and ability to combine quality, industrialization and rationalization of costs. All stages of production take place within the company, thus ensuring a high quality product.
It is specialized in the field of metal components for furniture, with special attention to the mechanisms and movements in the field of upholstery.
Among the new products of the company, the Elba mechanism, a turnover mechanism with single bed. The structure is made with highstrength cold drawn furniture tube, coated with nonscratch epoxy powder.
The orthopedic plane has an electrowelded metallic net and the seat plane is equipped with elastic straps.
With a simple movement you can accost the back to the seat, turning the sofa into a comfortable transversal single bed.