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Linak: new electric linear systems for the office environment and home furnishings

Linak has proposed to the 2019 edition of Sicam its solutions and the most innovative technologies for work and living spaces. In recent years it has been noticed that stimulating and comfortable environments are increasingly in demand not only in the home, but also in the work area. Flexibility and design are in fact fundamental conditions for both comfort and creativity. For these reasons, the office market is also adapting to these epoch-making changes and, in order to respond to the growing demand for innovation, Linak continues to develop electric linear systems for the office environment and home furnishing to meet current and future needs.


Desk Frame 2, the Linak® frame for 2-column sit-stand desks

Among the main novelties presented by the company at the event in Pordenone, we find Desk Frame 2, the Linak® frame for 2-column sit-stand desks. It is a new concept of frame based on a telescopic profile that encloses the motor, electronics and related cables.
Quick and intuitive to assemble, since the few parts have been carefully designed to fit together perfectly or to be fixed with screws, Desk Frame 2 presents a clean and elegant design. The lifting columns, in fact, have no holes in the profiles and, thanks to the pre-installed motor, ensure that only the power cable and the desk panel are visible from the outside. Although Desk Frame 2 is a new product, it offers the same performance levels as traditional Linak systems.


Desk Sensor 1, the world's most sensitive anti-collision system

Desk Sensor 1 is the world's most sensitive anti-collision desk system. Based on the gyroscopic principle, Desk Sensor 1 integrates easily with most Deskline systems. Smaller than a USB stick, it protects desks from all kinds of obstacles, both hard and soft.


DL PLUS for Linak lifting columns

Office furniture manufacturers have more options for the design of sit-stand desks: Linak offers the new DL PLUS version for lifting columns that highlights the aesthetics of both columns and sit-stand desks. The PLUS option has slide rails and holes between the profiles invisible from the outside, making their design clean and essential. DL PLUS is already available for the DL6 lifting column.

LINAK lifting columns for the office 4.0

Comfort and ergonomics for the quality of work
Category: Linear actuators
Publication date: 12/03/2018
Company: Linak Italia srl