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LEMANS IIThe wide viewing angle unit of a kitchen are the yardstick of effective planning tell you if the layout of the kitchen made the most of the available space of containment. Seven years ago, with the first generation of Lemans, Kesseboehmer created the first unit wide viewing angle, which would bring the entire contents allesterno. A slight pull and the shelf of the Lemans comes completely from the base at an angle with an elegant movement and emotional. In this way also the objects positioned on the back of the tray can be raised without the slightest effort. The basic concept of Lemans, with the shelves that come out fully and independently, still unsurpassed. Since then, the system has been continuously improved and new practical features have been added to the product. Now Lemans II on the market and collects satisfaction at every level. An important advantage for the end user who can adjust the height of the shelf without tools. The support arms together with the shelves are simply hooked to a rack profile fixed to the side of the cabinet. They can be easily unhooked and set to the desired height. The closing system damped and the automatic closing make Lemans II ultra-comfortable. As soon lanta reaches 60 degrees of opening, the automatic closure system slips with lightness and silently the shelves inside the base. For manufacturers of kitchens, the editing features of Lemans II ClickFixx, ensure fast and reliable production processes. All this means that Lemans II can be inserted inside the standard production process.