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K-PAD, the innovative LED flat panel of DOMUS Line

For a homogeneous lighting for working table

Domus Line proposes to Sicam different innovative product collections with LED technology and  control and management light systems .
Among these news K-PAD certainly stands out, the last extraordinary and evolved high-performance LED flat panel perfect for panel for lighting of under cabinets and shelves.
With a thickness of only 8mm, K-PAD is projected for a rapid installation with fitted slide bracket.  It is equipped  with EDGE LED technology which guarantees an ample light screening beam and it allows a homogeneous illumination of the working table.    
It is also equipped with a perfect connection to the power supply assured by Micro24, connector stocked with safety clip.
Bright, elegant and performing, K-PAD is available in aluminum or steel finishing and configurable in three color temperatures: natural white, warm white and extra warm white. K-PAD  is proposed also with sensor and integrated electronic dimmers for the regulation of the lighting intensity.   
K-PAD is the perfect solution for the minimal under cabinet illumination with elevated visual comfort available also in set equipped with power supply.


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