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Idroprotect water-based impregnating agent by Verinlegno: maximum protection for exterior woodwork

In its laboratories, Verinlegno has formulated Idroprotect, a new water-based impregnating agent, a universal biocide that guarantees optimal protection for all types of outdoor wood, such as window frames, gazebos and exposed beams.
Respectful of the environment and of health, it can be used on both coniferous and deciduous wood, with long-lasting results in both cases. Idroprotect allows full penetration depth for a 360° defence against wood decay fungi, which attack the wood fibres causing rot. Excellent results have also been achieved against chromogenic fungi, or bluing fungi, which cause surface damage to the wood, diminishing the aesthetic value of the material.


Idroprotect for perfect colour uniformity

Toxicity is reduced to a minimum thanks to the special formulation with a low percentage of VOC (33g/litre) with clear advantages for both the applicator, who will work in a healthy environment, and the end customer. According to the European directive, a product is considered low VOC if it contains less than 130g/litre.
The water-based impregnating agent Idroprotect is also absolutely odourless and can be sprayed with a cup gun, pump, airless airmix or traditionally with a brush. When dipping and flow-coating, it guarantees perfect drainage: no return on the top wood, no build-up on the joints. It is an impregnating agent that offers perfect colour uniformity in a short time and high transparency, enhancing the beauty of the wood grain. It is available in various colours.