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Ica Group's water-based coatings for Euromobil's Re-design kitchen atmosphere project

For almost fifty years Euromobil has been designing and producing kitchens capable of creating an atmosphere to live in, always made with respect for the environment, with the aim of preserving the great “home earth“.
Search for beauty and timeless design, extreme attention to detail, respect for the environment, innovative production systems: based on these themes Euromobil has designed kitchens that improve the quality of time and space for them. To achieve these goals, the company has always focused on research, quality and innovation, but also on collaboration with companies in line with their corporate philosophy.
For this reason, Euromobil has chosen to get help from ICA Group's water-based coatings for furnishings for its “Re-design kitchen atmosphere“ project.


Euromobil and ICA Group, a valid partnership

How did the collaboration between Euromobil and ICA Group start?
Euromobil was looking for a super-matt, anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint finish to create the new “Re-design kitchen atmosphere“ project that revives some of its most significant kitchens, such as Antis and Lain. For these furnishings, the company was looking for materials and finishes of the highest quality, very resistant and with a low environmental impact. They found in the coatings proposed by ICA Group the answer to their needs. In particular, they chose two lines of coatings: the S-MATT (super matt) water-based coatings and the Iridea water-based line.
S-MATT (super matt) water-based top coats guarantee an ultra-matt effect, are anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, have self-healing properties and, being water-based, have very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.
The Iridea water-based coatings are always water-based, with very low VOC percentages (3-7%), and excellent aesthetic and quality levels.
Architect Roberto Gobbo, Euromobil Group's design coordinator, who oversaw the Re-design kitchen atmosphere project, explains how the renewal process for some of ICA Group's best-loved existing models, such as Antis, has been made possible thanks in part to the introduction of innovative materials and finishes such as super matt lacquer (S-MATT) and water-based coatings (Iridea water-based).

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