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Hettich: ideas for tomorrow's furniture

Hettich is presenting at interzum 2017 with products, services and innovative fitting solutions for tomorrow's furniture. The company's booth points this time to the “Fascin [action]“, or to try to conquer visitors through the charm of innovations and ideas for tomorrow's furniture.
Fascination is a personal matter and, depending on the individual, comes from intuitive functions that speak to the emotions as well as from rapidly available services or getting digital information. They give the customer convenience, added business value as well as the ability to stand apart.
Style scapers have an instinct for aesthetic appeal and design details. They appreciate the design character of furniture being consistently continued through on the inside. In the way the glue mounted Sensys hinge perfectly combines functionality and an aesthetically pleasing look on glass doors, for example.
The comfort shapers prefer peaceful, gentle and ergonomic solutions such as cabinet doors that open wide and close gently. Drawers and potand- pan drawers that silently glide in and out. Storage space that's easy to reach and cleverly organised. Technology that makes furniture even more convenient and user friendly includes the LegaMove system. It moves the wall unit's inner carcase down, also making it easy to reach items stored at the top.
Mould breakers  are looking for a widely diversified range of products – for a variety of target groups and price segments, modifiable in any way. And all involving the least possible cost and effort in production and logistics. Mould breakers focus on customer wishes just as they do on efficiency. And on Hettich, a partner they can count on. The platform concepts from Hettich set standards in the industry. Creating AvanTech You in steel, Hettich provides an attractive drawer with side profiles that are easy to customise, making high quality statements.
The space savers  want to make the most of available space. Using it as efficiently as possible is important to space savers. Their philosophy: any storage space – whether in furniture or in previously unused alcoves – should be easily accessible, cleverly structured and usable down to every last inch. WingLine L opens a surprisingly large section of wardrobe content in response to a
push, creating more room in the room.
Ease makers attach importance to clear, simple processes in design, production and organisation: the ease maker uses CAD and digital technology, plans carefully and simplifies processes wherever possible – from the initial design idea to assembling and installing furniture on location. And with the e-services from Hettich, furniture is just a click away: product and wooden parts lists as well as design drawings are available for downloading for show exhibits.
Hettich is present at Interzum: Hall 8 Stand D40 - E41

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