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Full extension slides for Quadro Compact refrigerator and freezer drawers from Hettich

Hettich's Quadro Compact range of full-extension slides for refrigerator drawers and freezers has been enhanced with interesting new features: new intelligent functions ensure ergonomics, a perfect view and full access to the contents of the refrigerator, making everyday kitchen activities even more comfortable. Thanks to these innovative solutions, Hettich offers appliance manufacturers significant potential for differentiation in terms of design and functionality.
The Quadro Compact range is ideal for the entire range of fridge drawers, regardless of whether they have a capacity of 20, 40, 60 or 80 kg, from the small internal pull-out compartment to the larger drawer. Hettich's full-extension slides for cold drawers are characterised by their smooth, quiet running and high lateral stability. The cushioned closure with the Silent System provides a comfortable operation that practically eliminates all noise during movement.


Full-extension slides for Quadro Compact refrigerated drawers: the Parallel System function

The first intelligent new function for Quadro Compact full-extension slides for refrigerated drawers is Parallel System, synonymous with perfect and discreet synchronisation. A pull system with metal cables ensures the drawer runs silently and provides the necessary lateral stability. Thanks to Parallel System, even large format drawers can be opened and closed effortlessly - just touch them with a finger anywhere. Parallel System is not afraid of ice formation and ensures elegant and extremely quiet running of refrigerated drawers with different mounting depths. The increased extraction function also facilitates the opening of the drawer, allowing a perfect view and convenient access to the entire contents of the refrigerator.


Full-extension slides: release clips for fridge drawers

In order to extract the refrigerated drawers completely and transport them to the worktop with all their contents and thus have all the ingredients at hand, the Quadro Compact full extension slides for refrigerated drawers are equipped with a practical release clip in the front bracket. Intelligent unlocking is available for the Quadro Compact FE 20 and FE 40 drawer slides.


Quadro Compact 2 full-extension runners in a line: more storage space

Many newly designed kitchens see the replacement of the classic refrigerator with hinged door with removable trolleys placed directly under the worktop. In this case Hettich offers the Quadro Compact 2 full-extension slide in a line that allows optimal use of all available storage space. The trolley pull-out automatically lifts up a second hidden compartment, making it easily accessible.


Quadro Compact FE 20 full-extension slides for air-conditioned racks

Lately in the kitchens can not miss the air-conditioned cellars for those wine lovers who want to keep wine in the right way and at the right temperature.
For these new appliances, Hettich has developed a specific full-extension slide, the Quadro Compact FE 20, which features a dark and elegant look, a soft and gentle slide and optional features such as Silent System or Stay Close.

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