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Dishwasher with Siemens brilliantShine system

Siemens, brand of innovative and technological appliances, designed the brilliantShine system with Zeolite drying that allows you to obtain an exceptional brilliance of glasses already visible at the opening of the dishwasher.
‏BrilliantShine system includes four functions perfectly synchronised in a single washing cycle: drying with Zeolite, Shine & Dry option, valve for water hardness and program Glass 40°C. Drying with Zeolite uses the mineral to absorb moisture and turn it into heat, ensuring a quick drying and a reduction in energy consumption. Zeolite is self-generating after each wash and itshould never be replaced.
Shine & Dry option uses additional rinse water to wash away any residue of detergent and it prolongs the delicate drying cycle.
‏The valve for water hardness is a water softening system which can guarantee a lasting shining through the optimisation of the entire process, pumping fresh water during the cycle. Finally the program Glass 40° C is designed specifically to facilitate extra delicate drying.

‏Dishwasher iQ700 SN678X36TE totally storable


‏The new dishwasher Top of the range 60 cm model iQ700 SN678X36TE totally storable is endowed with the brilliantShine system.
‏Among the most important features there is the motor brushless iQdrive extremely efficient, environment friendly and quiet that ensures effective cleaning cycles without waste of energy and with minimal noise.
‏The varioSpeed Plus option makes the duration of washing (varioSpeed Plus) up to 3 times faster and with impeccable results, reducing the duration of the washing cycle up to 66%.
‏With Wi-Fi and Home Connect function, Siemens dishwashers can be easily managed from anywhere. With Easy Start, you only can answer to a few questions about your preferences and the type of dishwasher to get advice on the perfect program to use, bootable from a distance through the App.
‏Clean and elegant design joins Siemens technology in order to simplify the use of the dishwasher and installation: they fit, in fact, in the style of any kitchen and satisfy both for aesthetic both for comfort achieved through their silence.

Appliances Siemens equipped with iSensoric

Technology with sensor system and intelligent software
Category: Dishwasher
Publication date: 30/11/2015