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Blanco Durinox: a revolutionary innovation

At Sicam of Pordenone Blanco SteelArt  introduced Blanco Durinox®, the new finishing of stainless steel.
Developed and used in the aeronautical and aerospace sector, Blanco Durinox® is available for the realization of custom-made work plans and tubs to settle; in the first months of 2016 it will be also available for tubs Blanco Zerox sopratop, filotop and sottotop, also these ones introduced for the first time in the world at Sicam.
The exclusive processing, through micro-shot blasting of the stainless steel plate, it allows to get an extremely solid and resistant material with a homogeneous, opaque and velvety to the touch surface.
Blanco Durinox®, twice harder than the standard steel, it results very more resistant to scratches, bumps and imprints. The work plans are available in gauge from 12 to 100 mm and a maximum length of around 3,80 ms. Particularly fascinating and elegant it is the solution SolidEdge, with a floating external edge. An innovative proposal that is characterized for a revolutionary innovation. The Blanco SteelArt, a company with more than 90 years of experience in the steel making, it so becomes international reference more and more. This material has also received the prize “Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award 2014.“