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A unique-performance battery

BA001 is the first battery by Linak compatible with the Deskline® and Homeline® systems.
The aim of the BA001 project was to develop a high-performance and reliable battery to ensure unique performance and offer mobility to some typically static applications. A TV cart, a desk on wheels, a coffee table or a relaxation armchair can now be operated without necessarily being connected to the electricity grid.
BA001 mounts inside it Sony Lithium-Ion batteries, has a protection against current overload and a thermal switch to provide a smooth operation and long life.
It has a capacity of 2.2Ah which results in a number of full work cycles at max load. The battery has LEDs indicating the current capacity status and, in addition, an audio alarm that alerts you when you need to recharge.
BA001 is a highly compact unit and is provided with a mounting bracket for easy and immediate replacement.

The LINAK DPG1C panel awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018

The prestigious international award assigned for innovation and design
Category: Industry news
Publication date: 25/05/2018
Company: Linak Italia srl

LINAK lifting columns for the office 4.0

Comfort and ergonomics for the quality of work
Category: Linear actuators
Publication date: 12/03/2018
Company: Linak Italia srl

New board with LED

by Ostermann
Category: Wooden edges
Publication date: 02/02/2017

LOOX by Häfele

Innovative LED lighting systems
Category: Lighting for furniture, For furniture lighting
Publication date: 10/09/2014
Company: Häfele Italia

Baselift of LINAK

The innovation meets Lergonomia
Category: Linear actuators
Publication date: 25/06/2014

Linak at Salone del Mobile in Milan

Solutions with both aesthetic, design and ergonomics kept in mind
Category: Linear actuators
Publication date: