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Atim transformable systems: innovative solutions to meet every need of space

Satisfying every need for space, practicality and comfort: this is the goal of Atim Spa, a company that, for more than 20 years, offers extremely versatile solutions to the furniture industry, which can be placed in every room of the home, office, but also in restricted contexts such as campers.

In a crowded booth at Sicam 2018 Atim has presented many new products which enrich the catalogue of transformable mechanisms, space saving systems able to make up for the lack of space typical of modern living environments.

Just“ is a drop-down table, fixed to the wall, which turns in a moment into a comfortable table for a quick lunch, a desk for children or a useful auxiliary table top.

A new addition to the family of drawer pull-out tables is “Ready“, an absolute novelty that allows the extraction of a medium-sized table with one hand and with just one gesture: just pulling the front of the drawer and the table is available.

Another pull-out drawer table with one hand is “Zip“: the drop-down front panel, connected to the mechanism, makes it possible to exploit the head of the table too.

The “Prua liftextractable ironing board system is now in its fourth series; now the ironing board is hidden inside a door thanks to the new folding mechanism. A leg was also applied to ensure maximum stability.


Extractable counters and sliding and rotating shelves

One of the peculiarities of the Atim Transformable mechanisms is offering more work and convivial surfaces without creating further dimensions, always paying great attention to the aesthetic and design aspects.

Another very interesting innovation proposed at Sicam is “Top Girò“, a sliding and revolving top that makes the top a living element and completely at the service of the user. The mechanism allows you to rotate and move the top 180° and to extract it perpendicularly and in parallel.

A new member of the family of extractable counters, “Sestante“ is a sliding and revolving top with legs. Its extreme mobility allows you to take advantage of the top of the kitchen as if it were a completely independent table or as an extension. After its use it can be closed integrating perfectly with the piece of furniture to which it is placed.

After the success of the “Shotdrawer pull-out mechanism last year, this year the “Shot + 39“ version is added, making it possible to fit it into spaces with a minimum depth of 390 mm.

The new versions of Voilà, the mechanism for extending the kitchen top, were eagerly awaited by kitchen manufacturers. There are two, “Voilà Chair“ and “Voilà Chair Reverse“ with a height compatible with a classic chair seat. Both new systems can be fixed to the wall, shoulder or back of the cabinet itself.

In the case of Voilà Chair the extension remains hinged, while for the Reverse model the opening is folding, thus allowing the doubling of the surface.

These two versions of Voilà are already available as well as the Shot +39 mechanism; all other products will be regularly in production from January 2019.