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Alpi was present at the 100% Design event recently held in London

Alpi is an Italian industrial group engaged in the processing of the resource wood, whose fame is largely due to the ability to create valuable woods starting from trees that come from fast-growing cultivations or from responsibly managed forestry concessions, in the belief that everyone should work with the maximum respect of the world in which we live. Alpi was present at the 100% Design event recently held in London, where has shown the public its most important products, including the Alpilignum, Alpikord, and Alpiedge collections. Alpilignum is a wooden coating (veneer) obtained from colorful layers of wood from certified and controlled resources, which are glued, pressed and cut. Alpilignum maintains the natural features of the traditional natural wood, but its colors are made through an industrial process and produced in pre-defined standard sizes, thus optimizing the use of each sheet. Alpikord is a multi-layered coating of painted wood built through a high-pressure laminate. Developed starting from the technology of multi-layered wood - a field in which Alpi is world leader - Alpikord combines the beauty of the real wood with the versatility of HPL laminate ready for application. This reduces the times of processing, painting and installation compared to the traditional multi-layered coating. Alpikord maintains its beauty over time, adding to the warmth of wood characteristics of strength, stability, homogeneity, color and uniform grain. Alpiedge-Form is a reconstituted wood veneer edge backed with a non-woven fabric and available in the following finishes: rough, rough honed, UV and UV open pore. Its main field of application is on shaped and curved surfaces. Moreover, an exhibition of historic objects made ​​with Alpi wood by Pierluigi Ghianda, one of the greatest producers of Italian furniture, took place.