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Hardware for furniture, upholstery, kitchen, coatings and furnishing systems.

News on products, companies, technologies and fairs for the production and marketing of furniture hardware, furniture accessories and semi-finished products for furniture.

A valuable team, Agentrix and Esta, made up to help the needs of the market of upholstery. From the sale of the pieces of polyurethane foam, the most sophisticated technology of cutting and shaping of the plates, to the execution of pillows and mattresses, with a wide range of materials, to the white lining and padding on drums. Articles that present themselves as partners capable of giving an appearance in every project, advancing relevant solutions. A reality so dynamic, determined to accept and to fulfill all the needs of the market.

The work of Agentrix uses exclusively of polyurethane to Elm compactness and different constants. Fire-retardant polyurethanes are offered with certificates of origin to the Class 1 IM, and Britich Standard. All polyurethanes are used Olmo performed without the use of CFCs and are offered in the blanks or cut.