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Accessories for wardrobes and walk-in closets DressCode by Häfele: balance between function and design

Häfele has designed DressCode, a system of accessories for wardrobes and walk-in closets that allows you to better organize the interior space available in the wardrobe, making everyday life easier.
DressCode has been designed to be customizable and easy to transport and assemble. All accessories are perfectly combinable and modular, assembly and installation are intuitive and no tools are required.
Thanks to the new configurator you can compose and order your configuration in a simple and safe way according to your needs.

Accessories for DressCode wardrobes and walk-in closets: multiple possibilities of customization

The DressCode wardrobe accessory system reveals an optimal combination of design and functionality. All functional elements are characterized by a uniform design that creates a clear image and allows a quick overview of all objects stored in the wardrobe. Two basic system colours: white RAL 9016 and grey RAL 7022.
The pull-out frame is already aesthetically pleasing in itself, but it can be completed with a wooden front of its own production to make it even more elegant; a simple click is all it takes to apply and unhook it.
The wide range of internal accessories to be attached to the frame offers multiple possibilities of customization: trouser rack, laundry rack, shoe rack, storage tray, jewellery insert, removable tie holder. The wardrobe lift completes the range, a convenient way to make the most of the space available inside the wardrobe or walk-in closet: simply lower the lift to the desired height and then bring it upwards. To quickly find what you're looking for, even in the dark, the DressCode walk-in closet accessories system is equipped with a clothes hanger tube with lighting.

Simple, quick and tool-free assembly

Assembly is extremely simple, quick and intuitive and does not require the use of tools. At the heart of the DressCode system is the Häfele Easy Storage joint, which has been awarded the 2017 interzum award, allowing assembly times to be halved.
The DressCode wardrobe accessory system can be fitted in a traditional wooden wardrobe or in a self-supporting aluminium frame system, which is particularly suitable for walk-in closets. The frames adapt to the desired height and the assembly of the elements is identical to the assembly in a traditional wardrobe.