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A kitchen totally designed by Franke: from the sink to the tailor-made worktop

Design and highly professional performances

Franke, a global leader in the production of high end household appliances and sinks, is the first brand in Italy to propose a truly complete kitchen system. To a wide line-up of sinks, cooktops, ovens, hoods, faucets, refrigerators and dishwashers, Franke now adds worktops made to measure, for a 100% Franke kitchen, designed to ensure highly professional performances.
A natural and harmonious addition, born of the know-how, the technological research and the undivided attention to detail that have always characterised Franke’s design and signature products.
Made from top notch materials – Solid Surface or Quartz Surface –, the new exclusive worktops by Franke meet the diversified aesthetic-functional requirements of the clientele.
Franke Solid Surface and Franke Quartz Surface: two materials, two languages to give shape to a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and perfectly coordinated. Hygienic and resistant to bacteria, UV rays, heat and impact, they are also versatile and highly personalisable as well as easy to clean: two materials featuring unique properties resulting in exceptional, long-lasting performances and making life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.
Hot formed with heat welding techniques, Franke Solid Surface make it possible to create organic and personalised shapes, made to measure with maximum accuracy.
Characterised by extreme resistance and ductility, Franke Solid surface tops can also be repaired and restored to their original beauty if they get damaged. Elegant, safe and extraordinarily silky to the touch, Franke Solid is a non porous, bacteria-resistant material obtained from a blend of natural elements and acrylic components. So versatile they can be perfectly integrated with the sinks, Franke Solid Surface tops stand out on account of their smooth and translucent appearance and striking colour effects. These features make it possible to create surfaces made to measure and coordinated with the appliances, starting precisely from the colours: from the elegant Pure White to the deep Midnight Black, through the delicate nuances of Beige and Touch of Grey. 14 variants, equally refined and appealing, specially designed to ensure maximum personalisation.
Functional, good looking and easy to work on: the new Franke Quartz Surface worktops have unique properties in terms of both hygiene and resistance to stains, impact and, most importantly, heat. Quartz, in fact, is one of the hardest minerals, ensuring high standards of service and an exceptionally long service life. Born of Frank’s know-how and cutting-edge technology, the new tops ensure outstanding performances and an appearance that is natural and yet highly refined. Besides the dark and stylish colour hues, such as Black Slate, Coffee Beans (also matte) and Brown Soil, lighter and more luminous variants, such White Cloud, Diamond White and Temple White, are also proposed. A palette of 19 glossy and matte colours enables you create a worktop made to measure for your needs, enhancing the personality and the appeal of your kitchen.
Thanks to the versatility of these two exceptional materials – Franke Solid Surface and Franke Quartz Surface – Franke today can offer its clientele washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs made to
measure, as well as floors and wall coverings, so as to bring to the bathroom environment its elegant, highly sophisticated design, and its unending search for aesthetic-functional excellence.


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