The new HI-MACS® Concrete collection by LG Hausys

The charm of concrete in five shades of grey

The new HI-MACS® Concrete collection by LG Hausys

According to the latest trends seen at the Salone del Mobile 2018, finishes inspired by industrial architecture are more and more appreciated, such as concrete, a finish able to give personality to the rooms thanks to its unique texture.

In order to meet these needs, LG Hausys presents the new HI-MACS® Concrete collection as a new 2018 proposal, suggesting this special finish that has been reinterpreted in an innovative way.

HI-MACS® has in fact combined the charm of concrete with the advantages of the latest generation of solid surface materials: the thermoformability of this perfectly compact material facilitates repair and maintenance and allows the creation of curved shapes with perfectly homogeneous surfaces. The roughness of the cement is thus proposed on a surface without pores, hygienic and easy to clean. Available in five shades of grey inspired by modern industrial architecture, the collection offers itself to any type of application, both in interior design and in product design: kitchens and bathrooms, shelves, washbasins, etc. HI-MACS® is made of acrylic, mineral and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non-porous, thermoformable surface with no visible joints.


The Marble Collection is enriched with nine shades

The HI-MACS® Marble Collection is enriched in 2018 with nine shades, which respond to current trends and provide a refined alternative to single-colour finishes. The new colours start from white-in-white and reach all shades of grey, to get to refined anthracite, brown and sand tones. The shades of the Marble collection always retain the technical and structural characteristics of the other HI-MACS® colours, but are made unique by the veins and irregularities typical of marble, reproduced in an absolutely faithful way. Thanks to the properties of the acrylic stone, then, the elements can be joined without showing signs of junction, thus giving the impression that the result is obtained from a single large block of marble


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