The Anamorphix event by Fenix: in order to know the essence of FENIX materials

Previewed the new colours that enrich the collection

The Anamorphix event by Fenix: in order to know the essence of FENIX materials

The nanotech surface structure of FENIX has been at the centre of "Technology", an artistic installation curated by ArpaLab and created by the Truly Urban Artists collective, presented at the Galleria Il Castello in via Brera during the Milano Design Week 2018.

A composition of anamorphic geometries, and "Anamorphix" was the title of the event, they interpreted the superficial nanotech structure of FENIX seen through a microscope illustrating how not all the materials are the same even though they may sometimes look similar. Only by observing with greater depth and attention the technical, aesthetic, typological and performance aspects of the FENIX brand, one can fully understand its uniqueness.

FENIX, NanoTech material, a synthesis of technology and style, interprets material experiences created for new and future interior design scenarios through its smart properties.

Visitors were able to get to know all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of FENIX nanotechnology materials through an interactive desk; moreover, a selection of material moodboards, designed exclusively by Digital Design, illustrated the 2020 trends in the interior design world, playing on the aesthetic composition of the new FENIX colours with marble, stone, wood and metals.

The Milano Design Week 2018 was also the occasion to present in absolute preview the new colours of FENIX NTA®: Cortez Gold and Dukat Silver, which are added to the Hamilton Steel.

The new colours enrich the FENIX NanoTech Alloy collection. It is a metal surface that has all the main properties of the Fenix ​​technological material: anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, soft-touch and super-opaque.


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