Ron Arad signs 10 LAYERS, an unusual Silestone® ping-pong table

The designer has reinterpreted the quartz surfaces in a creative way

Ron Arad signs 10 LAYERS, an unusual Silestone® ping-pong table

The famous Israeli designer Ron Arad has created his latest project 10 LAYERS, a spectacular ping-pong table in Silestone®, the technological material, made up of more than 90% of natural quartz, produced by Gruppo Cosentino.

"The idea of ​​10 LAYERS came to me while I was at the extraordinary Gruppo Cosentino factory. Although I was there for a different purpose, that is to identify the suitable material for the coating of a tower, observing the high technological standards of the production process of Dekton® and Silestone® I could not help but wonder what else I could do with this 'magical' material. So I decided to do something that would allow us to enjoy the material in a completely new and different way" said Ron Arad.

Hence the idea of ​​designing a ping-pong table in stainless steel and bronze, characterized by the central curvilinear lengthwise. This arrangement should, according to the designer, slow down the game and make the dribbles last longer. The layered stone and CNC milling allow to create a curvature in all directions, thus reproducing a concave and convex surface in the central part, with layers of ten different shades. By working surfaces with the use of bright contrasting colours, the flat layers are transformed into perfect circles.

To create the playing field for this particular project signed by Ron Arad, 10 Silestone® sheets were used in four different shades: Iconic White (pure white), Kensho (light gray), Cemento Spa (dark gray) and Negro Tebas (black). The designer wanted to reinterpret the Silestone® quartz surfaces with a completely different perspective, giving shape to a ping pong table that interacts in a completely new way with the players.


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