Lapitec® presents the first sintered stone slabs in the world with a through vein

A material with strong innovative connotations, an important technological achievement, the result of years of intense research

Lapitec® presents the first sintered stone slabs in the world with a through vein

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Lapitec, the Italian company that patented the homonymous material for exterior and interior design coverings, presented its "full-body" sintered Lapitec® stone at Sicam 2019 in three new colours with through veins of remarkable aesthetic refinement: Bianco Elettra, Bianco Vittoria and Bianco Aurora.
"The possibility of having large slabs with through grain - explained Marcello Toncelli, Vice President of Marketing of the company - allows designers and architects to dare with projects and processes never seen before on the material.


Artistica Collection: three new proposals based on Absolute White

These three proposals are all based on Absolute White with a vein in shades of gray that recalls the beauty of natural stone.
Bianco Elettra has a pattern of veins with straight lines and sharp angles for a very contemporary effect, Bianco Vittoria has a thicker vein, with a more sinuous shape and finally Bianco Aurora has a more delicate vein. For these last two versions it is possible to create, on request, open spot compositions with two mirrored slabs to create an effect of great visual impact able to maximize the value of large surfaces. All three proposals are available in Lux and Satin finishes and in a single thickness of 20 mm.
The Lux finish has a mirror polished surface that has the particular property of reflecting and enhancing the brightness of the rooms. The Satin finish, on the other hand, is soft to the touch, easy to clean and particularly suitable for kitchen and worktops, wall coverings and residential or commercial flooring.


Lapitec®: the versatile and resistant "full-body" sintered stone

Lapitec® is an innovative product with very interesting technical and aesthetic characteristics.
It is a "full-body" sintered stone, formed into large slabs, with high physical and mechanical properties. It is versatile and can be used for many applications: from external and internal wall coverings to flooring, from kitchen worktops to ventilated facades.
Lapitec® slabs are flat and have a homogeneous thickness, characteristics that simplify assembly activities and allow to obtain a perfectly uniform aesthetic result.
It is very resistant to time, atmospheric agents, UV rays, impact and abrasion.   Particularly suitable for kitchen tops because its surface, totally free of porosity, does not absorb liquids, is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, extremely easy to clean and resistant to bacteria and moulds.


Lapitec® with Biocare technology

In order to guarantee maximum hygiene, the composition of the material includes, with Biocare technology, a special form of titanium dioxide that makes Lapitec® a self-cleaning and antibacterial product and suitable for those environments where maximum cleanliness is required.


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