Laminam ceramic slabs: new surfaces presented live streaming 2020

Four new products for outdoor architecture, interior design and furnishing surfaces

Laminam black split slate ceramic slab

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Laminam is a company that never stops innovating and evolving, always looking at changes with attention and a positive attitude.
In line with its new brand identity and its increasingly international and digital perspective, Laminam presented its new products, large format and minimal thickness ceramic slabs for outdoor architecture, interior design and furnishing surfaces, live streaming on Facebook from the Milan showroom on July 15th.
Despite the cancellation of important trade fairs such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Cersaie in Bologna and Sicam in Pordenone, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the company continued to invest in innovation, research and development. The Milan showroom has also been renovated with a new layout featuring Lego bricks, a brand synonymous with creativity, design and modularity and a model of global success.


Four new ceramic surfaces

Creativity, tradition projected into the future, elegance, attention to trends and needs also coming from foreign markets: these are the characteristics on which the four new ceramic surfaces presented by Laminam focus.  Split Slate, in the Black and White and Polished Crystal versions, enrich the collection of I Naturali while the special finish Verderame, the Ossido collection.


Split Slate: a compact and silky to the touch surface

Claudio Corniola, R&D Director of Laminam, illustrated how the new slate split surface has been conceived in the two finishes Black and White.
The Ardesia a Spacco ceramic slab is inspired by the medieval and renaissance tradition of Pietra di Lavagna, a natural material that has been used for 2500 years, extracted exclusively in Italian quarries in Liguria. The result obtained by the company is a product that combines the performance of Laminam surfaces with the beauty of the natural material from which it takes its inspiration, slate, expanding its application potential: it can be used as a top for kitchens as well as in traditional construction, in facades or as a finish for design products.
Characterized by a compact and silky to the touch surface, Laminam proposes the Ardesia a Spacco ceramic slabs in two primary colours, Black and White, which enhance its structure and make it suitable for any design style. The technological versatility allows Laminam to offer the new finishes in two different sizes and 3 different thicknesses (Laminam 5, Laminam 12+ and Laminam 20+) that can be combined to obtain continuous surfaces.


Polished Crystal: a surface with the aesthetics of Crystal Quartzite

Designed specifically for interior design, especially as a kitchen countertop, the Cristallo Polished ceramic surface reproduces the aesthetics of Crystal Quartzite guaranteeing the technical characteristics of Laminam surfaces with their high antibacterial, stain-resistant and scratch and deep abrasion resistance qualities.
The development of the Cristallo Lucidato ceramic slab responds to the input received directly from the North American market where Crystal Quartzite is widely requested as a kitchen countertop.  As Claudio Corniola again explained, the greatest difficulty encountered by Laminam's research and development team was precisely that of bringing the aesthetic effect of Crystal Quartzite to large Laminam ceramic slabs, given the extreme graphic complexity of natural stone composed of a typical trigonal crystalline structure that gives the material a three-dimensional appearance. To win the challenge, added Claudio Corniola, "it was necessary to use a new type of three-dimensional scanning, at 1000 dpi resolution, with which every detail, even the smallest on the natural slab, is detected".
The Cristallo Lucidato surface was developed on the "absolute white" mix, which has characteristics identical to natural quartz as far as colorimetric whiteness is concerned. It is available in 1620x3240 (Full Size) and Laminam 12+ thickness.


Verderame: a refined surface for demanding designers

The latest addition to the Ossido collection, the Verderame texture is designed for the most demanding designers, confirming Laminam's affinity with the world of design and its passion for aesthetic experimentation. This new ceramic surface perfectly combines art, creativity and superior quality and is available in the 1000x3000 size and Laminam 3+ and Laminam 5 thicknesses.


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