DuPont Corian

Technological innovation and design versatility

DuPont Corian

Technological innovation and design versatilityCorian 2.0 an exhibition focused on the evolution of DuPont Corian, which takes place during the Milan Design Week 2014 at Watches - 31 Mill, Via Tortona 31. Dynamics interior design project based on innovative technologies and materials, organized and sponsored by DuPont Corian in collaboration with Christian Ghion, Cra Diffusion, Gaggenau, Blum, Koledo, Moroso, Powermat Technologies, Power Matters Alliance and Rexa Design. The exhibition Corian 2.0 offers special technology DeepColour Technology * which allows you to create dark colors of DuPont Corian solid surface with superior aesthetic and functional performance; proposes the integration of DuPont Corian with advanced systems of Powermat Technologies' wireless charging and connecting to your smartphone. Finally, presents the combination of DuPont Corian with electronic technology and LED developed by Koledo to create dynamic solutions for decorative interior lining. The scenography of the exhibition Corian 2.0 created by French designer Christian Ghion. The exhibition consists of three rooms: a kitchen, built by the French company Cra Diffusion, which sees the use of appliances by Gaggenau and functional accessories for kitchen cabinets Blum; a bathroom that uses solutions of bathroom furniture and accessories designed and produced by Italian Rexa Design; a lounge environment characterized by walls Ambium Dynamic Ledwall of Koledo (made from DuPont Corian) and furnishing solutions for Moroso. Each area shows application of dark colors of DuPont Corian made with the DeepColour Technology *, in addition to the combination of DuPont Corian systems with wireless charging Powermat Technologies compatible with the protocols of the Power Matters Alliance.


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