Solid Surface by Staron: a material with multiple possibilities for use

The Supreme Collection is characterized by the decorations of natural stone

Solid Surface by Staron: a material with multiple possibilities for use

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Solid Surfaces by STARON® is a material composed of natural minerals and acrylic components. Similar to natural stone, Solid Surface offers all the advantages of mineral material products: compact and pore-free, it can be processed three-dimensional giving extreme creative freedom to designers. Unlike stone, STARON® is soft and warm to the touch.

For over twenty years, STARON® mineral material has been used in indoor and outdoor furniture projects and in the creation of worktops and sinks for kitchens, bathroom and furniture.

Its characteristics make it extremely versatile: it is translucent, recyclable and repairable, durable and resistant, non-flammable, thermos-formable, easy to clean and refractory to aggressive chemical agents.

Products made with the STARON® mineral material consist of solid slabs and parts formed with mineral fillers, free of styrene and bound with acrylic. The sheets and the formed parts of STARON® can be glued to each other without joints thanks to the STARON® glue based on methyl methacrylate.

STARON® also offers another important advantage to carpenters, that of performing simple machining operations using their own tools. In addition to sawing, milling, drilling, gluing and sanding operations, it is also possible to mould STARON at a thermal level. To meet the diverse needs of designers, STARON ® sheets are available in over 150 unique colours. At FuoriSalone 2018 Staron presented the new Supreme Collection at the DesignElementi HUB of Gaggenau in Magenta 2 in Milan, synonymous with classic elegance, characterized by the decorations of natural stone and the most trendy colours.

The companies of the Bonomi Pattini Group have signed an important partnership agreement with FPS Group for the distribution in Italy of the prestigious STARON® mining material.

it will be possible to purchase the Solid Surface STARON® by the companies of the Bonomi Group Pattini to develop architectural and interior design projects.


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