Fragranite of Franke: a resistant and elegant composite material

A hard non-porous surface that guarantees durability and high standards of hygiene

Fragranite of Franke: a resistant and elegant composite material

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Fragranite is a composite material created by Franke consisting of 80% quartz, or natural granite, and 20% of hard acrylic resin. The name Fragranite derives from the fusion of the brand name Franke and the word "granite".

It is precisely this characteristic that makes it one of the materials with the toughest structure that exists, resistant to wear, to impact, to scratches and to heat. The surface has a refined structure, but it is not porous and this guarantees high standards of hygiene.

The absolute lack of pores, in fact, ensures optimal hygiene and antibacterial protection, because it does not allow dirt or residues of food preparation to penetrate into the material, preventing the proliferation of bacterial formations.

The exclusive Sanitized® disinfecting treatment with which the sinks and cooking tops in Fragranite are made, increases the level of surface hygiene by reducing the growth of microbes and bacteria by up to 99%. At the same time, Fragranite continues to resist stains and temperatures up to 280° C.

The material meets the ISO 9001/14001 certification standards, Greenguard by AQS, SGS by ANSI and & NEMA.


A material that enhances the kitchen and enhances the design

Even from an aesthetic point of view, Fragranite is particularly pleasant: it has a slight lustre, has a warm and natural appearance and is pleasant to the touch.

Excellent colour offering which makes possible various original combinations with tops, furniture and kitchens, offering designers an absolute freedom of project: the material is proposed in 12 classic finishes which have recently been added four new shades with a particular metallic effect. Thanks to the resistance to ultraviolet rays the colours remain unaltered over time, maintaining all their beauty.

Born for the realization of single-bowl kitchen sinks, double tubs with or without draining board, the Fragranite was soon used also for the hobs, for the mixers and taps to be able to customize the kitchen with elegance and functionality.


An easy-to-clean material

The surface finish of the material is smooth and uniform and is therefore extremely easy to clean and maintain. The best way to clean a sink or a floor in Fragranite is to use delicate products like the normal dishwashing detergent, rubbing with a soft cloth or sponge for Fragranite by making small circular rotary movements. Franke recommends a slightly abrasive sponge, specially designed to be used with this innovative material. Just rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry the bottom of the sink with a microfibre cloth to prevent limescale.

The extreme ease of cleaning and the antibacterial properties make it an ideal material in contact with food.

To ensure over time the appearance, the original finish and colour characteristics of the material, even the maintenance is extremely simple: just pass a soapy nylon brush on the surface by making circular movements and then rinse well. Do not use abrasive agents, powders or bleach.

In conclusion, due to its physical and technological characteristics, the high aesthetic yield in the available finishes and the practicality of use, it is an extremely valuable material for the design of modern furnishing solutions, easily combinable with other materials and hardware products frequently used in high quality furnishings.


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