‏The line of Atim Transformables adds seven new products

‏Flexible and innovative solutions for a modern life

‏The line of Atim Transformables adds seven new products

ATIM presented at Sicam seven new products for its range of Transformables.
‏As always, very versatile, these products can be protagonists in different rooms: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, living room, office, public places, etc.
‏Among the new features presented Shot, an additional work flat that can be retrieved through a simple drawer and Dynamic, the peninsula which can be moved along the main work surface and it may also stretched with an extension system.


‏A new program of modular systems

‏The company also proposed a new program of modular systems that allows, through a system of multi-way joints and profiles in aluminium, to create many solutions: bookcases, tables, wardrobes, bedside tables, etc.
‏As always, the r & d of Atim Spa Center is committed to create versatile and elegant products, but especially of high quality able to satisfy current and future needs of customers.



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