Office sector: Inspirations and solutions from Hettich for a constantly evolving office

A versatile range of office systems and products in tune with emerging trends

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The pandemic has brought about new operational needs, especially in the world of work, which have led to the search for innovative and highly flexible solutions to manage the restrictions imposed and adapt to the ever-changing size of the workforce brought about by the use of smart working.
During the presentations at the hybrid event XperienceDays, Hettich provided inspiration, design ideas and suggestions for the entire furnishing world, encouraging discussion and exchange with its customers in the Office sector too, given its many years of proven experience. In fact, the company offers a wide range of technical solutions for office furniture, both for filing and for the organization of workstations. It is precisely in this area, known as New Work, that Hettich has come up with a range of four Caddy units, all of which are highly transformative.


Four Caddies for New Work

Listening to customers was instrumental in the conception of these four Caddys - four solutions that reveal Hettich's ability to create office systems and products in tune with emerging trends.
Caddy 1 (pictured in the opening photo) is a compact version of a workstation designed for an environment that includes group, individual or temporary work patterns. With its expandable surface area, it places no limits on use and expands storage options. With AvanTechYOU drawers, the performance is modern and elegant.
Caddy 2 is a workstation on wheels that integrates a screen that can be rotated according to position. This solution is perfect for the home office, the surface can in fact turn into a dining table, but also in large environments. The sliding is guaranteed by the SlideLineM system.
Caddy 3 is designed to quickly organize a secluded location, equipped with a panel to ensure privacy and silence. In this way it is no longer necessary to organize an office based on the measurements of the space because every space is useful.
Caddy 4 is a trolley that includes a movable surface and a large area for storing objects. Once closed it remains a simple trolley and can be placed anywhere. It is equipped with SlideLineM for surface movement and also features the Sensys upside-down hinge for aluminum finished doors.

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