Piombo by Cleaf: the new matt surface for the coating of furnishings and interiors

Anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches

Piombo by Cleaf: the new matt surface for the coating of furnishings and interiors

The Cleaf's Hyper Materials collection, which is composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability, is enriched with a new surface for furniture and interior design: Piombo.
It shares its chief characteristic with the metal from which it takes its name (symbol Pb, atomic number 82): it is completely matt.  Innovative acrylic resins, applied using Electron Beam Curing, mean that Piombo reflects very little light – hence the opacity – while at the same making it anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches.
Cleaf's unique experience and production technology have succeeded in transferring these cutting edge properties to faced panel, laminate and edge.  The result is a sophisticated and coordinated surface for furnishings and interiors, either vertical or horizontal.


Installation of Calvi Brambilla Studio

The Calvi Brambilla studio has created an installation on the CCube corporate showroom to showcase Piombo's vertical potential.
A series of screens realized with Piombo faced panels invites the visitor to explore this innovative product.  The accessories are characterized by an eccentric arrangement of slotting planes, with two or three doors, one side mirrored and decorated with a molecule motif recalling the chemical element which gives the product its name.  The central space of the showroom becomes a stage for flat scene sets that screen off the lateral spaces.
“The creation of Piombo surface confirms Cleaf's ability to offer advanced solutions for the furniture and interior design.” - says Roberto Caspani from Cleaf - “Being able to transfer the same vanguard features to faced panel, laminate and edge represent at its best our idea of a coating system coordinated and suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.”
“We wanted to highlight the properties of this innovative and outstanding material with an immersive installation, created as a maze where one can not only see but also experience and touch the surfaces.” - say Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla from studio Calvi Brambilla.



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