Cinelli: feathers and other quality upholstery materials

Quality guaranteed by the control of the entire production cycle

Cinelli: feathers and other quality upholstery materials

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Cinelli Piume e Piumini creates solutions for cushioning in feathers and other padding materials for quality sofas.
For its cushions Cinelli mainly uses down, carefully selected among the best qualities on the market, mixed together to create an optimal padding in terms of softness, insulation and comfort. In addition, the outer fabric in 100% pure cotton guarantees the cushion a perfect breathability while the thick weave prevents the escape of feathers and down.


A quality 100% Made in Italy

Cinelli Piume e Piumini manufactures all its products in Italy at the Buggiano plant, in the province of Pistoia, where the entire feather and down processing phase takes place, from the selection of the raw material to washing, from sterilization to the finished product, using techniques that combine high craftsmanship with the use of cutting-edge technologies. The fact that Cinelli guests, inside its factory, the entire production cycle involves a constant monitoring of quality levels and a constant control of all stages of production to ensure total quality.


Feather quality: origin and selection

The quality of the filling, especially as regards the feather, depends on the quality of the feather, in particular on its origin, its selection and the processing to which it has been subjected. Cinelli chooses only raw materials of proven quality from Eastern Europe, from those countries where the breeding of geese and the activity of collecting feathers is a profession of great tradition. Moreover, these selected European farmers do not carry out any plucking operations which could cause unnecessary suffering to the animals.


Feather and more: different solutions for quality sofas

In order to realize the different products, blends of feathers created to measure are developed, differentiating them according to the destination of use: seat cushions, backrests, optional cushions, armrest cushions able to guarantee different bearing capacities and softness also according to the customers' requests. For the filling of the cushions are also used other materials mixed with goose feathers or alone as polyester fiber flakes, ground polyurethane, latex pyrolines, granules of Memory Foam. To increase the bearing capacity of the cushion it is possible to use a core of shaped polyurethane by computerized cutting, alone or together with steel springs. Cinelli develops its furniture cushions according to the design of the sofa and the needs and requests of the designers.


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