Elcam: innovative, high-performance padding materials

Among the latest generation products Solotex©, an elastic padding with shape memory peculiarities

Elcam: innovative, high-performance padding materials

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The search for innovative materials and technologically sophisticated machinery to best meet the needs of its customers is one of the primary objectives of Elcam, a leading company in the field of upholstery.
For over 40 years, in fact, the company from Lissone has been offering the most prestigious names in the sector worldwide, padding materials, innovative products with high performance, high quality products tailored to each customer.

Elcam: always attentive to the protection of the environment

For Elcam, the issue of respect for the environment, which has now become a determining factor in the business strategies of many companies, has always been a fundamental objective that takes concrete form in the use of natural or eco-compatible raw materials, in the attention paid to safeguarding the health of personnel, in the selection of processing waste and its reuse to generate advanced by-products.
Moreover, Elcam products are subjected to "harmful substances tests" that certify that, during the entire production cycle, no toxic substances are released into the environment because only certified and tested water-based glues are used. In addition, the new Greenguard certification, recently obtained by Elcam, identifies products and materials that release low chemical emissions to improve the air quality in which these products are used.

Padding materials for the furniture and bedding industry

Elcam offers mixtures of natural and synthetic materials for the furniture and bedding sector. These mixtures, available in different percentages of composition, are designed to obtain paddings with unique technical characteristics that can ensure maximum comfort.
Extremely versatile, they can be used both for backs and armrests, and for pillows, furniture cushions and bedheads. They are also available in the fireproof version BS 5852 and Class 1 IM.

Solotex©: an elastic, ventilated, flexible and soft product

Among the latest generation products offered by Elcam we find Solotex©, an elastic padding with shape memory peculiarities. It is an innovative material with excellent non-deformability, anatomicity and volume that revolutionizes the comfort, the microclimate and the bearing capacity of the seats and backs of the upholstered furniture. Its characteristics make it a high quality product, with performance of remarkable durability, elasticity, lightness and great breathability.
It is also environmentally friendly: due to its nature based on polyester fibers, it can be recycled.

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