Elcam: a large production of high quality cushions

Research into innovative materials and technologically advanced machinery

Elcam: a large production of high quality cushions

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Elcam has always based the production and processing of its products on high quality standards, flanking a constant search for innovative materials and technologically advanced machinery.
The Research & Development department is in fact committed to the professional production of high quality products tailored to each customer; particular attention is paid to the continuous improvement of quality with research activities aimed at new performance, durability and comfort.
All products are also subjected to rigorous laboratory tests during which the cushions are compressed by a special equipment to verify the elasticity and loss of lift with dynamic fatigue.


Technically perfect cushions, extremely comfortable

The cushions on the outside may look similar, but it is inside that they reveal all of their quality and comfort features. The company has a very wide range of expanded polyurethanes such as the British Standard and high comfort delayed-burning polyurethanes. These polyurethane foams are then covered with an infinite number of types of wadding: heat-bonded, calendered, needle-punched, Solotex, fire retardant. These wadding are then coupled by Elcam with velvets, cotton and jersey to ensure a product of absolute reliability, a pillow technically perfect and extremely comfortable.
For outdoor production, Elcam also exclusively uses Waterproof® water-repellent fabric. It is a guaranteed fabric, tested, resistant to water and atmospheric agents in general, easy to maintain, of high quality and long lasting.


Feather cushions

A division of the company deals exclusively with the production of feather cushions. Lightness, softness and breathability are the main characteristics of the feathers used by Elcam. The new mixing boxes guarantee a constant temperature and the feathers do not undergo alterations, guaranteeing constant filling in weight and quality. The recent installation of an innovative computerized system unique in Europe has also allowed us to achieve a cutting-edge processing in the field, ensuring an optimized distribution and high precision, aimed at the individual needs of the customer.


Elcam and the environment

Elcam pays particular attention to the protection of the environment at every stage of production.
During the entire production cycle, no toxic substances are released into the environment because only water-based glues certified and tested are used, as shown in the relevant safety data sheets.
The company has also recently obtained an important new certification called Greenguard which is issued by UL Environment, a unit of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This certification helps manufacturers to create, on the one hand, and buyers to identify products and materials that release low chemical emissions, on the other hand, in order to improve the air quality in which these products are used.

Elcam is present at Interzum Colonia: Hall 11.1 Padiglione C010 - D011


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