Scm in Ligna 2017 in the signal of innovation

New software, new technological solutions and a completely computerized store

Scm in Ligna 2017 in the signal of innovation

Scm arrives to Ligna 2017, the fair in full swing in May, from 22 to 26 in Hanover, confirming the leadership in the technologies for the process of the wood, boasting a continuous and bright growth: 2016 closed with a billing of 600 million of Euro, in growth of 15 percent in comparison to 2015. 2017 has started with a double-digit increase on the ordinary and on the billing, improving the good results of these last years. Scm becomes besides the mark of reference of the wood sector, inheriting the patrimony of the marks of origin in the names of the models.
The solidity, the reliability and the ability of innovation of Scm find their representation in the enormous exhibition space in Ligna 2017 where the firm introduces an impressive series of novelty concerning systems, software and the single technological solutions.
Particularly in Hanover there is the innovative "Cella Lean 4.0", able to provide a concrete application of the concepts of "Industry 4.0" and of "mass customization", in order to satisfy the individual needs of the client maintaining the advantages of the industrial production. The whole system is completely computerized, managed by the software Maestro Watch, made subservient by an anthropomorphous robot endowed with a viewer for the recognition of pieces, and managed by an only operator, not necessarily experienced.
"Cella Lean 4.0" is extremely flexible and able to realize a great variety of pieces, from the production in great numbers of panels ready to be assembled to the "batch one." The cell absolutely uses reliable machines of series, performant and easy to use and to shape. The system acts in automatic from the launch of the order and it is open to every operating system. The Cell is therefore able to manage, in automatic and with an only operator, all the phases of the processing that start from the standard panel and they reach the assemblage of the piece of furniture.
Concerning the Software in Ligna 2017 they are introduced the new software Maestro Suite. All the Scm software are characterized for being open systems that allow every type of connection with software of third parts, allowing a total control of the functions of the machines and allowing the operators to act in simple and intuitive way.
In Ligna 2017 Scm Group introduces over sixty technological solutions of his ranges, in order to satisfy the needs of every kind of firm, from the small local artisan to the great multinational industry.


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